the skinny

Welcome, Reader.

I am an artist and art teacher working in Tacoma, Washington. Recently, I developed the confidence to continue pursuing the arts that I love with curiousity, persistence, and good humor. Therefore, you may find that this blog wanders through photography, painting, and book making with some writing added for good measure. Sometimes, my posts may only be an image. If you’ve found your way here, thank you for visiting and looking.

Safe travels,


Nota bene: All material is copyrighted by me, K.M. Lawson. If you want to link to an article or content, please ask first for permission. If you want to copy the content (photographs, illustrations, text, or otherwise) and use it in your publication (electronic or otherwise), you may do so only if you have received written permission from me. Please send me a detailed email (kjerstin AT bythos DOT org) of the content you wish to use, how you wish to use it, on what you would like to use it, et cetera. Communication is key. Thank you.


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