Star Magnolia


Star Magnolia 1, (c) 2017 K.M. Lawson


Star Magnolia 2, (c) 2017 K.M. Lawson

I cannot believe that it’s been 5 months since the last post, but Spring is lovingly here. The soft whites of the star magnolia warm in the morning sun. The bright whites and pinks of apple and pear trees stand in contrast against dark, rain heavy clouds. Spring weather varies with its sunny days and cool temperatures, hail storms and cloud breaks, and the appearance of new plants poking out of the warming soil. I favor Spring’s light at dawn and dusk when it washes over all the beautiful new colors and makes the old look new.

These times of political and, therefore, civil uncertainty remind me that I must be vigilant in seeing and celebrating the world’s beauty. To see and celebrate beauty defies those who would like us to be downtrodden and silent.



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