Red of Florence Onion


Red of Florence Onion, oil on paper, 2016, (c) K.M. Lawson

I regret that my last post seems so long ago. Indeed, so much has occurred  that, to me, it seems more time has passed than what really has. School started once again, and again I’m thrown into an intensity of work that exceeds many professions.

This is one of the last paintings from August. I can say that I fell in love with cadmium red light because of this painting. It lends itself to creating warmer midtones as well as highlights in darker areas of the painting. It is a very flexible color that blends in rather than calling attention to itself. This is my last painting on paper for which I am sorry. I very much enjoy painting on paper and have had a few failed attempts at painting on canvas since. Those failed attempts led me to purchase a few cradled boards – much more like painting on paper – in order to facilitate my painting. In the meantime, I’ve been throwing a bit of mud around to make bowls and cups and dishes, which have been turning out a good deal better than expected. May you have a lovely autumn. -K





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