Peonies, 8″x8″, oil on paper, (c) 2016 K.M. Lawson

It’s been, probably, months since my last painting, so I decided to warm-up for the coming summer months with a painting of peonies. It’s easy to keep putting off the thing that you love because one fears the mistakes ahead, the imperfections. That, certainly, guides me at times. I question what I’m doing with expensive paints or lovely paper or canvas and the what-if-I-mess-up question arises. Therefore, I set a goal of using some paper prepared for oils and to do as much as I could in 1-3 hours. This is what I got, so I’m quite satisfied.

This is the hardest aspect to art, I think, to teach: that one must overcome one’s fear of the outcome and delve into the making of the thing. I see this in my students. They are so afraid to fail that many never really begin, and I wonder how I can nurture the idea of serious play and experimentation.



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