More Book Extravaganza

Teaching, indeed work, gets in the way of all the fun and useful things that I want to do. Really, I’m using this post to procrastinate about the planning I need to do this week. Finally, here is my second installment of the first chapter of Alisa Golden’s Making Handmade Books. None of these is all too spectacular (nor are the photographs), so I will put the best at the top and the least at the bottom.


xbook_front xbook_topMaterials: Some cardstock and fancy paper I found lying around. Folded four times and cut once, this is probably one of the simplest books in existence. For me, these lend themselves to animal forms, and the second or third I made became a dragon. That one was misplaced, so I had to make another, which became, of course, a cat. These are always fun for me. 5 stars.

Crown Binding

crown1 crown2

Materials: It’s been too long for me to remember what I used but probably anonymous drawing paper. This is a folded binding that “clamshells” over the page ends, which you can leave open or glue at the edges as seen here. I remember making it years ago and it delighted me very much then and still does now. Sometimes, I enjoy just folding the spine, which is bulky but makes for an interesting join. 4 stars.

Ox-Plow with Signature

oxplow2Materials: Anonymous cardstock and a wee little piece of Mohawk Superfine. This is a fun book on which I played with weaving in strips of cardstock for a geometric decoration. It is a fun and simple design that probably has lots of possibilities but doesn’t engage my imagination in the same manner as the x-book. 3.5 stars.

Hidden Room

hiddenroom_front hiddenroom_topMaterials: Mohawk Superfine. This had some complicated cuts and folds and does not collapse very well into a compact collection of pages. However, it does have a nice flow outward as well as inward. Also, it serves as an outlet for my desires to be far away from the city. Strangely, 4 stars.

Guest Book

guestbook2 guestbookMaterials: Mohawk Superfine. This, like the brush book, is bound in, what I would call, a suspect manner. Folded and wrapped bindings are great, but this one just doesn’t fair well for me. It does look pretty from above. 2 stars.

Slot and Tab

slottab2 slottab1

Materials: Arches Velin Rives BFK Grey. I love the slot and tab books. The tabbed pages are rolled, slipped into the slotted pages, and unrolled to lock into place. It is very simple and easy. I can imagine that the spine becomes a bit unstable and bulky if they are built to an excess of pages. These are works in progress that I’m not sure will remain slot and tab books. Also, I’m feeling a bit guilty for using such nice paper. 4 stars.


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