Of Kinglets and Chickadees

These aren’t terribly good photographs. I intend to get the long lens out, as well as shorten the shutter speed, and have a go, but I procrastinate. However, how can one resist taking their pictures when given the subjects’ bravery?

Some of my favorite birds are the small birds: bushtits, chickadees of all ilks, nuthatches in their many varieties, kinglets, winter wrens. Many are active, communicative, social, and year-round here. Bushtits will flit into the yard in early afternoon. Chickadees might follow. Kinglets mingle with both should the opportunity arise.

This golden-crowned kinglet, Regulus satrapa, was a bit shy at first but proved very brave when I stopped moving. Clearly, a longer lens would have made for a better picture.


The black-capped chickadee, Poecile atricapilla, fairly well forced his or her way into my viewfinder as I tried to photograph a rather shy spotted towhee. Chickadees seem to have a well-developed indifference to and, what I interpret to be, a curiosity for people.



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